NAATI 三级中英文双向翻译
政府认证 移民局指定翻译 保证可用


下面的内容我们采用了SA 政府官网的解释,,您也可以自己进行更多信息的查询。

If you are visiting from overseas, or you’ve moved here permanently, make sure that you are driving legally and safely. 无论是国外游客,还是长期居住,请确定合法安全驾驶。

Permanent residents 永居居民 (特指澳洲身份/公民,不包括学生和旅游签证等临时签证)

If you become a permanent resident of South Australia, you must get your South Australian driver’s licence within ninety days. Once you are issued with a new licence or learner’s permit, your existing one will be invalid and you may have to surrender it. 如果是南澳洲永久居民,必须90天内获得南澳洲驾照。一旦考取了新的驾照或者L牌,现在的驾照就无效了。


If you hold a full foreign licence and are 20 or over, you must first pass these three tests: 通过下面三个考试来考取南澳洲驾照

When you pass the tests you’ll receive a certificate of competency. Take this to a Service SA customer service centre and apply for a South Australian driver’s licence. 如果通过上面三个考试,获得通过纸。拿着这个通过证明到Service SA客服中心,可以申领南澳洲驾照

After you’ve paid the fee and had your photograph taken, you’ll receive a temporary driver’s licence and your photo licence will be posted to you. 需要支付相应的费用,并且当场拍照 (这个照片要印在驾照上面),会当场给你一个临时驾照,然后有照片的正式南澳洲驾照会邮寄给你。

If you don’t pass the practical driving test, or you fail a validation assessment, you can apply for a learner’s permit. 如果没有通过路考,或者没有通过认证, 你可以申请L牌。 


Acceptable translations 考试的时候需要提供中国驾照翻译件

Driver’s licence translations will only be accepted if they meet one of these conditions:

  • an original document (photocopies, faxes and certified copies are not acceptable) 必须是驾照翻译件原件,不能是公证副本、打印件或者传真件。
  • translated by a National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) approved translator and signed by the translator。NAATI 认证的翻译员来进行翻译。

澳洲精诚翻译– 正规澳洲注册翻译公司,2006年12月NAATI认证,提供南澳洲路局认可的驾照翻译件,澳洲所有机构均认可。


澳洲精诚翻译NAATI三级中英文双向翻译 政府认证 移民局指定翻译